Villages of Sannio

Welcome to the portal of the cultural, artistic, historical and natural heritage of Sannio. Here you will find images, information, routes and videos that tell about the beauty of the area. An ecomuseum designed to protect and to promote the collective memory of the community and promote its sustainable development. 

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The Villages

Authentic places to live, research, support, promote and preserve 


The Virtual Exhibition

Evocative glimpses seen through pencil, Indian ink, watercolor and digital sketches


The Map

Territories, history, nature, local flavours, art, crafts, traditions, sports

Where to go

Most Visited Places


 Tocco Caudio

 S.Agata de’ Goti


The Virtual Exhibition

Visit through evocative representations the
places of Sannio and
immerse yourself among glimpses of villages and rural
landscapes seen through pencil, ink, watercolor and digital sketches.

The course highlights a new way of perceiving reality, through drawing, to rediscover not only the beauties but also the critical issues, values, memories and transformations of a place, in order to fully know it.

The Territory

In the rural landscape of Sannio Beneventano, among verdant hills and lush valleys, are located extraordinary villages. Small stone clusters, castles, towers, paved roads, bell towers, etc. testify to the life of the past in harmony with the present. Magical places, among history, legends, traditions and quality food and wine. A territory whose roots go back to antiquity, among the Samnites, Romans, Lombards and Normans, Papal State and stronghold of brigands.

The Map

Navigate the map and discover the values of the area through the proposed ecomuseum routes. To pass on the material and intangible heritage through the story of places rich in history, nature, art, crafts, traditions, local flavors.

Ecomuseum routes

The research covered the 15 municipalities in the province of Benevento highlighted in the maps by the yellow dot. The routes will be integrated from year to year, extending the survey to the whole territory of Sannio Benevento.

Pietraroja – Montesarchio – Benevento – Apice

 Apice – Tocco Caudio – Montesarchio – Santagata De’ Goti – Vitulano –  Cerreto Sannita – Cusano Mutri e Pietraroja – Morcone – Campolattaro – Casalduni

Apice – Pietrelcina – Molinara – Morcone – Campolattaro – Casalduni – Torrecuso – Cerreto Sannita – Pietraroja – Cusano Mutri – Sant’Agata De’ Goti – Tocco Caudio – Campoli del Monte Taburno – Montesarchio



3 storico artistico

Sant’Agata De’ Goti – Montesarchio – Campoli M.T. – Tocco Caudio – Vitulano – Torrecuso – Cerreto Sannita – Cusano Mutri – Pietraroja – Morcone – Casalduni – Campolattaro – Molinara – Pietrelcina – Apice – Benevento