About Us

The project

Borghi del Sannio is an innovative startup that was born from the desire to stimulate to observe with interest and critical spirit the territory with the aim of enhancing the inland areas, support respect, develop “citizenship”, become protagonists of the social and cultural life of the places and define new models of resource management from the perspective of sustainable development.

The idea is to raise community awareness through knowledge, protection, preservation and at the same time promotion of the territory that expresses its identity through historical, artistic, natural and cultural heritage.

Hence was born “a museum without walls,” the ecomuseum designed to protect and promote the community’s collective memory outside the usual circuits, among history, food, art, nature and local traditions.

The project on a three-year basis is constantly evolving.  We started from the story, through images, sketches and brief descriptions of 15 villages of the Sannio beneventano and then expanded the research from year to year by extending the focus to the whole province.

Liceo Artistico "Virgilio"

The Classes

We are the students of the third and fourth classes of Architecture and Environment of Liceo Artistico that, as part of the Pathway for Transversal Skills and Orientation of the 2022/23 school year, came up with the idea of creating a tourism promotion startup for land development.


Class 3A - Liceo Artistico

Group 3A-1

Ludovica Ciccarello_Team leader
Giusy Chiara D'addona
Danilo Fuggi
Antonio De Spirito

Group 3A-2

Martina Preziosa_Team leader
Florenza Maria Zampelli
Angelo Saudella
Gabriele Zollo
Victoria Censale

Group 3A-3

Zineb Haoual_Team leader
Sabrina Cuoco
Giuseppe Ciardiello
Martina Di Iorio


Class 4A - Liceo Artistico

Group 4A-1

Francesco Faustino Zampetti_Team leader
Michelle Meoli
Mazzarelli Gregory

Group 4A-2

Rita Ferraro_Team leader
Maddalena De Falco
Gaia Polvere
Francesca Grella

We Thank


Pasquale Rubano – Cusano Mutri

Giovanni Accettola – Sant’Agata D.G. – Pietrelcina

Raffaele Pilla – Wellwind – Cerreto Sannita


 Nicla Cassella – Cusano Mutri

Alessandra Simeone – Cusano Mutri

Orzelleca Roberta – Belvedere del Sannio

Carmine Mucci – Apice Vecchia, Belvedere del Sannio

Luca Capobianco – Pietraroja

Luigi Gagliardi – Cerreto Sannita

Vito Parricelli – Sant’Agata De’ Goti

Giulio Calandro – Molinara

 Amelia Rossetti – Sant’Agata D.G., Morcone, Campoli M. T.


Gargano Rossella

Team Work

This PCTO has taught us not only how to know and value our area but especially how to work as a team, which is one of the skills, or soft skills, most in demand by companies and recruiters when recruiting. Having an excellent ability to work in a team is a great advantage for companies, which then look for people who have this ability to form their team work.

Knowing how to work in a team means having the ability to collaborate with other group members to achieve a common goal, the goal of team work. It represents, therefore, a soft skill essential for those working in a startup, which is characterized by a dynamic context where the individual collaborator will often be involved in activities not strictly related to his or her role.

Along the way, we were supported by experts from Startup Europa srl in the creation of the business plan and by software engineer Luca Capobianco, who guided us in the creation of the website